Time Is A Shadow

"The Judgement Day"
by James Weldon Johnson

And I hear a voice, crying, crying:
Time shall be no more!
Time shall be no more!
Time shall be no more!
And the sun will go out like a candle in the wind,
The moon will turn to dripping blood,
The stars will fall like cinders,
And the sea will burn like tar;
And the earth shall melt away and be dissolved,
And the sky will roll up like a scroll.
With a wave of his hand God will blot out time,
And start the wheel of eternity.

Sinner, oh, sinner, Where will you stand
In that great day when God's a-going to rain down fire?

From Godís Trombones: Seven Negro Sermons in Verse
by James Weldon Johnson
Copyright © 1927 The Viking Penguin Books,
renewed 1955 by Grace Nail Johnson.
Reprinted by Penguin, 1976, 1990 - ISBN 0140184031

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"The Judgement Day"

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    "The Judgement Day" by James Weldon Johnson

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